HCG Diet Alfredo Sauce Recipe

  • Brian Connole
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  • Today, I have great Phase 3 (Stabilization and Maintenance) recipe. It's called the...

    HCG Diet Alfredo Sauce. For this recipe you will need.

    -1/2 cup. Melted Butter
    -1 teaspoon. Garlic Salt
    -8 oz package. Cream Cheese

    On very low heat, use a wisk and stir unil everything is melted. Then add,

    -6 oz. Parmesan Cheese
    -2 cup. Heavy Cream

    Just add the Heavy Cream a little bit at a time while you mix it with a wisk.

    I like to use this Alfredo Sauce for my Chicken or Shrimp. You could even try pouring it over your veggies to give it a little something extra. I'm sure you know, on the HCG Diet you have to get creative.

    Make sure to check back daily for more great recipes, tips, and tricks. Until then keep up the hard work, and as always, good luck! Happy New Year from HCG Diet 411.