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    DoctorsThe HCG 500 Calorie Diet Plan is without a doubt the fastest and most effective way to lose weight in 2013.

    However, simply eating 500 calories per day isn't enough to lose those unwanted pounds and inches - For that you must also use high quality pharmaceutical grade HCG. But even then there are other aspects of the diet that can be challenging.

    This is why it is so important that you have people who are willing and able to help you through your HCG Diet Journey.

    I personally recommend using a reputable company called Nu Image Medical. Their medically trained staff specialize in the HCG Weight Loss Diet. They consist of REAL DOCTORS, who prescribe REAL HCG, and help you to achieve very REAL RESULTS.

    What you can expect from Nu Image Medical:

    • Real Doctors with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the HCG Diet.
    • No Homeopathic HCG.
    • Real Pharmaceutical Grade HCG from a licensed US Pharmacy.
    • HCG support via Phone, E-mail and Live Chat.
    • Licensed Medical Professionals who are there to help you the whole way through.
    • Phone Consultations and Reviews with Physician.

    Their complete HCG Diet Program consists of:

    • Your choice between the 23 Day or 43 Day HCG Diet Program.
    • Your choice of Real HCG Injections, Real HCG Sublingual Drops or Real HCG Pellets.
    • Free standard B12 mixing solution.
    • 101 HCG Diet Recipes E-book.
    • Quick Reference Guide.
    • All Required Supplies and Syringes.
    • The HCG Diet: The Easy Way (HCG Diet eBook)
    • A Special $50.00 Discount when you go through HCG 411 and order with Nu Image Medical.

    Are there other places to order Real HCG Online?

    I have done a lot of research over the years, and what I have found is that there are more websites selling Fake HCG than there are ones selling the real thing.

    Sure, there are few other places besides Nu Image Medical that sell real HCG - But usually you have to find a separate place altogether to buy the HCG Supplies some place else, then from there on out you are on your own.

    The real trouble is finding a reputable company that you can trust not to take advantage of you. So many companies these days are more worried about making a buck rather than helping people lose weight.

    I have yet to find a company that gives you the same type of support the whole way through as Nu Image Medical does. Whether it's a question about mixing your HCG, Gorging, or you just want to make sure you are doing things right, they are there to answer all of your questions.

    Even though it is great to be able to come get information from an HCG blog or forum like ours, sometimes you simply need the advice and knowledge of a medical professional.

    This is why I give my seal of approval to Nu Image Medical - Because I feel like they care just as much as I do about seeing you succeed. They truly strive to give their patients the same support online, as they would give if you went into their HCG Clinic - (Which by the way is something you can do if you live in the Tampa Florida area)

    Over the years the professionals at Nu Image Medical have built a strong reputation based on helping people succeed with the Real HCG Diet Program - And their dedication shows with each person they help.

    In my opinion they are without a doubt the best place to buy HCG online.

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