How To Mix Your HCG Hormone For 40 Injections

  • Brian Connole
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  • Instructions for mixing 125 i.u. injections, using one 5000 i.u. ampoule of HCG Powder concentrate.

    HCG Syringe1. Open the ampoule of HCG powder concentrate by snapping the neck off of the glass ampoule.
    2. Sterilize the rubber top of the bacteriostatic water vial.
    3. Sterilize the rubber top of a new sterile sealed empty glass vial.
    4. Using a syringe, withdraw 1cc of bacteriostatic water.
    5. Inject the 1cc of bacteriostatic water slowly down the side into the HCG glass ampoule, try not to allow the needle to touch the glass. If the needle does touch the glass, you should replace the needle before you continue. The powder should dissolve almost right away if you just gently swirl the vial. (MAKE SURE NOT TO SHAKE IT)
    6. Using a syringe withdraw 1cc of bacteriostatic water, and inject it into an empty glass vial
    7. Using the same syringe withdraw every drop of the HCG mixed solution into the syringe.
    8. Inject the HCG solution, from the syringe, into the glass vial that you just injected the bacteriostatic water into.
    9. Use a large syringe and withdraw 39 cc of bacteriostatic water. Draw twice if you can't get the full 39 cc in one draw.
    10. Sterilize the top of the sealed vial and inject the 39 cc of bacteriostatic water into the sealed glass vial, in which you had already placed the dissolved HCG.

    The sealed glass vial should now have for 40 injections. (1 cc/ml for each dose) you can fill one weeks worth of injections, like we had discussed in the "HCG Hormone Injection Time Saver" post. (1 cc into each syringe, which provides a 125 i.u. dose) If you would prefer, you can keep it all in the sealed glass vial until you are ready to use it. Either way make sure it is refrigerated.

    Are you nervous about mixing the HCG Hormone?

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