What To Do After The HCG Injections Stop

  • Brian Connole
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  • So, you're done with the hCG Injections, now what?

    What you do after the hCG Hormone Injections is almost as important as doing the HCG Diet itself.

    No matter how long you decide to do the hormone injections for, (The minimum is 23 injections) you must continue to do the 500 Calorie Diet for at least 3 days after your last injection. This gives the hCG Hormone enough time to work itself out of your body.

    If you don't wait until all of the hCG is eliminated from your body and you start eating normal foods again, this will cause you to start gaining weight right away.

    After the hCG is completely out of your system, you will start the "Maintenance Phase" of the diet. At least this is what Kevin Trudeau calls it in his book, "The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About".

    Basically the Maintenance Phase of the HCG Diet is to maintain your new weight, not to lose more. The rule of the Maintenance Phase is to eat what you want when you are hungry. The only foods that you are not allowed to eat are foods that contain Sugars or Starches.

    You should still keep yourself in the routine of weighing yourself daily. This is important because the goal is to stay within 2 pounds of what you weighed on your last injection day. The HCG Diet Protocol says that if you do gain more than 2 pounds you should do a "Steak Day".

    If you can believe it, some people actually dread having to eat a huge steak. But if you are like me and my 10 year old son you won't mind it all.

    What do you think about the Maintenance Phase? - Tell me in a comment...

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