Psoriasis, Fingernails, Hair, Varicose Ulcers And The HCG Diet

  • Brian Connole
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  • Psoriasis, brittle fingernails, and hair loss is no doubt a sensitive topic for people to talk about. It is even harder to have to deal with if and when it happens.

    In the past I have written posts on the HCG Diet and hair loss, but today I decided to tell you what Dr. Simeons has to say about the matter...  

    Psoriasis, Fingernails, Hair, Varicose Ulcers

    As in pregnancy, psoriasis greatly improves during treatment but may relapse when the treatment is over. Most patients spontaneously report a marked improvement in the condition of brittle fingernails.

    The loss of hair not infrequently associated with obesity is temporarily arrested, though in very rare cases an increased loss of hair has been reported. I remember a case in which a patient developed a patchy baldness - so called alopecia areata - after a severe emotional shock, just before she was about to start an HCG treatment.

    Our dermatologist diagnosed the case as a particularly severe one, predicting that all the hair would be lost. He counseled against the reducing treatment, but in view of my previous experience and as the patient was very anxious not to postpone reducing, I discussed the matter with the dermatologist and it was agreed that, having fully acquainted the patient with the situation, the treatment should be started.

    During the treatment, which lasted four weeks, the further development of the bald patches was almost, if not quite, arrested; however, within a week of having finished the course of HCG, all the remaining hair fell out as predicted by the dermatologist.

    The interesting point is that the treatment was able to postpone this result but not to prevent it. The patient has now grown a new shock of hair of which she is justly proud.

    In obese patients with large varicose ulcers we were surprised to find that these ulcers heal rapidly under treatment with HCG. We have since treated non obese patients suffering from varicose ulcers with daily injections of HCG on normal diet with equally good results.

    Have you ever had a problem with Psoriasis or abnormally dry skin?

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