How To Keep Losing Weight After Round 1

  • Brian Connole
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  • Have you done 2, 3, or even 4 rounds of the HCG Diet?

    Have you noticed that you're not doing as well as you did in round 1?

    If these things sound familiar - don't worry, you're not the only one that feels this way. For some reason, people say that they are not losing weight as easily as they did during their first round of the HCG Diet. But I think the most frustrating thing about this is that nobody seems to know why.

    Well, I have a theory about why HCG Diet users don't do as well during their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th round, as they did in round 1.

    I believe, that this is because people get more comfortable with the diet. Think about it - Most people, before they start their very first round of hormone injections, will usually do these things...

    Before You Start Round 1

    • Do your homework - Your nervous or even skeptical and you want to know more, so you learn everything you can about the diet.
    • Read the entire HCG Protocol - The people that have a lot of success during their first round, are usually the ones who read the entire protocol from front to back.
    • Read extra material - Some people even read Kevin Trudeaus book, "Weight Loss Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About".
    • Scared to mess up - Most people double and triple check things to make sure that they are doing the diet correctly.
    • Be certain - If you are unsure about something you will go online and find the answer.
    • Weigh everything - People are so scared of having that extra gram of meat on their plate, so they weigh everything to the gram.
    • Don't stray from the protocol - You follow the diet to the letter.

    But after you do the diet once or twice, you start getting more comfortable and you feel like you know what you're doing. So during the 2nd round of the HCG Diet and beyond, this is what happens...

    After The 1st Round

    • You don't really spend as much time looking things up online because you feel like you already know the answer.
    • You don't feel like you need to read the HCG Protocol again, so you just don't bother.
    • And there is no way you're going to read Kevin Trudeaus entire book again.
    • You stop weighing things because you feel like you know what 100 grams looks like by now.
    • You follow the diet - but not to the letter.
    • You nibble on things that you know you know shouldn't be eating.
    • You start using shampoos and make-up that you know you shouldn't use. Because you think - how much could it really be affecting your weight loss.

    Be honest, does this sound familiar to anyone? I know that it does to me. But now that you have an idea of why you are not doing as well during this round of the HCG Diet - what should you do about it?

    In Between Rounds You Should...

    1. Read the HCG Protocol again. Just because you have read it once, does not mean you have it memorized - so read it again and you'll probably learn something new that you didn't catch the first time.
    2. Weigh everything! Even though it takes a little more time, this is something that you need to do.
    3. Stick to the diet. Need I say more.
    4. The chemicals that are in perfume, shampoo and other beauty products can have an affect on you and your ability to lose weight.
    5. Don't cheat! Period. I know we all make mistakes, but the diet only lasts for a couple of weeks, so try to resist the urge.

    Try to remember how great it felt to lose all of the weight during your first round. That will help you keep a positive attitude the next time around.

    What do you think about my theory?

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