Why You Should Start At A Lower Dose Of HCG

  • Brian Connole
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  • Do you think it's better to start off at a higher or a lower dose of HCG?

    HCG ShotsIf you were to ask Dr. Simeons - He would most likely tell you that it is better to start at a lower dose of HCG, around 125 iu - 175 iu.

    However, if you were to ask Kevin Trudeau that same question, he would probably say that you are better off going with a higher dose, around 175 iu - 200 iu.

    But if you ask me - I would have to agree with Dr. Simeons on this one. I think that it is better to start off lower dose of HCG, then increase it if needed. Let me tell you why.

    Why I think it's best to start at a lower dose of HCG?

    The reason that I think it's best to start yourself on a lower amount of the HCG Hormone is because it is much easier to increase your dose, than it is to decrease it.

    If you start out at a higher level of HCG, you are likely to build up more of an immunity to it. Then, if you felt like your dose was too strong, for whatever reason, it would be much less effective once you did lower it. But if you start out lower to begin with, around 125 iu like Dr. Simeons suggests, you shouldn't run into that problem.

    Plus, it is my opinion that with a higher dose of HCG, you are more likely to experience stronger side effects like constipation or trouble sleeping. I have even talked to a couple of my readers that said they had almost no appetite at all because they felt like their dose was too high.

    I know, this sounds like a good thing, right?

    Wrong... Because the truth is after you stop the VLCD and HCG Hormone, you are going to have an appetite. So you don't want to get too comfortable with not having an urge to eat, because soon enough that urge will be very real. And without HCG to control it, you are likely to eat more than you should.

    However, if you are under a doctors care, it is always best to discuss with them the dose that is right for you. As for the people who are purchasing their HCG online, this is something that you will want to think about before starting the diet.

    NOTE: Whenever you do increase your dose of the HCG Hormone, it is recommended that you only increase it 25 iu at a time. So if you were at 125 iu and you wanted to increase your dose, you would go to 150 iu. Then wait a few days to see how well that works, before you think about increasing it again.

    As always, I would like to know your thoughts on the matter. So tell me what you think - Is it best to start at a higher or a lower dose of the HCG Hormone?

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