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    With new members joining the HCG Diet 411 Forum daily, there are always great new topics popping up. People come here to find help and support while on the HCG Weight Loss Diet Plan. Fortunately, our forum is a great place to get those things.

    While some of our members are new to the diet, others have done 1 or 2 rounds before. This means that along with my wife and I, the other members of the 411 forum can be very helpful in answering your questions. But if you still need another reason to check it out, here are a few of the topics that we have recently been talking about...

    Recently In The HCG Diet 411 Forum

    Plus many other topics...

    These are just a handful of the topics that get brought up in the 411 forum everyday - So if you feel like joining the conversation we'd love to have you. And remember it's completely free!

    Do you need a friend for the HCG Diet? - If so, come on over to the HCG Diet 411 Forum and become a member...