November 13, 2010


Can You Really Get Herpes From Using HCG?

  • November 13, 2010
  • Brian Connole
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  • Do you think that it's possible to get a sexually transmitted disease from HCG?

    What would you think if your spouse was doing the HCG Weight Loss Diet, and then suddenly told you that they had herpes? Well, I can't tell you for sure what I would think... But I know what I wouldn't think... I wouldn't think that she got it from the HCG Hormone.

    Sounds crazy doesn't it... I thought so too. But this is exactly what a woman says happened in a blog post that I was reading today. In this post, a woman talks about how she had been in a monogamous relationship for about 4 years, when she suddenly had her first Herpes flare-up. She also claims, that there is no way that her partner could have given it to her, and that she thinks it may have been from injecting the HCG Hormone.

    However, later in the post she goes on to say that after contacting her physician and investigating things a little bit more, she now knows that there is no way she could have contracted Herpes from using HCG.

    After reading the article, it was plain to see that the whole thing was just a clever way to drive traffic to their website. The funny thing is, I'm sure it works. After all, it did get my attention. But this should teach us all a valuable lesson...

    Don't believe everything that you read!

    Different people have different motives behind the things they do. For example: If you were to Google "How to make money from home program", you will almost always find a headline that reads "How to make money from home program - Is it a scam?". Of coarse, when you actually read the article it's all about how awesome the product is, and that you should get it right away.

    The same thing is true for the HCG Weight Loss Diet - People will say things just to get you to do what they want. In this case, this woman's blog post was just a clever way to get you to her website. It probably wasn't even a woman who wrote it.

    But with all of the negativity out there towards this diet, you should always try to see what a person is really selling. I have personally even seen websites that say specifically do not use the HCG Diet because it doesn't work - Then they tell you how you should try their weight loss program instead.

    So you need to really be careful who you get your information from; especially when it comes to the HCG Diet. You want to make sure that it's a credible source before you follow their tips.

    But none of you have to worry about that, because this is the only blog that you go to for HCG Diet information, right? Of coarse it is!

    Do you think it's okay to bad mouth something if it makes you money? - Tell me your thoughts in a comment...

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