5 Ways To Keep Your HCG New Years Resolution

  • Brian Connole
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  • Hey everyone it's 2011, how do you plan on keeping your resolutions?

    With a new year comes the tradition of a New Years Resolution. Worldwide people are making goals to quit smoking, get in shape, be a better person and just about anything else you can think of.

    Now if your goal for this year is to lose weight, the HCG Diet is a surefire way to do it - But the amount of weight you lose, that's up to you. Because if you can simply stick to the plan, you will lose weight.

    So if your New Years Resolution is to stick to the HCG Diet Protocol, I have a couple of tips that just might help you out...

    5 Ways To Keep Your HCG New Years Resolution

    1. Get Rid Of The Temptations - One of the best ways to avoid cheating on the HCG Diet, is to get rid of all the foods that temp you. Because if you don't have all that junk food staring in the face, you will be less likely to cheat.
    2. Post-its - This may sound a little bit silly but it works. All you have to do is write yourself a bunch of notes and place them all around the house. For example: You might write "Stay Strong" or "Don't Cheat" then simply stick them on the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, cupboards, pantry, and even in your car.
    3. Carry A Before Picture Of Yourself - If you have a photo of yourself that you don't particularly care for, carry it around in your wallet. Then every time you are tempted to cheat, look at the picture to remind yourself how you don't want to look.
    4. Stay Busy - If you can simply occupy your time, this will strongly increase your chances of HCG Diet success.
    5. Get An HCG Diet Buddy - Having some extra support and encouragement can do wonders for your will power. However, if you don't have a Diet Buddy, come to our HCG Diet Forum and we'll help you find one.

    Another thing to remember is, you are only on the 500 Calorie Diet for a short period of time. This means that the hardest part of the diet is over almost as soon as it begins. And because the HCG Hormone works so well, this diet is anything but hard.

    So if your resolution is to stick to the HCG Diet Plan, use the items on the list above to help you hit your goal. Because it's easy to make a resolution, the hard part is keeping it.

    Happy New Year HCG Dieters - Hopefully 2011 can your best year yet!

    What else can help you to keep your HCG New Years Resolution? - Tell me what you think in a comment below...

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