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  • Is It Better To Use HCG Injections or Liquid HCG Drops?

    From the day I started this blog over 1 year ago, my inbox gets flooded with people asking me questions about the HCG Diet.

    Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind at all when someone contacts me to ask my advice on a certain topic. I just wish I had the time to answer each and every one of them - But unfortunately I don't.

    However, I do try to return as many emails as I possibly can. But sometimes if a particular question keeps coming up over and over again, I will simply write a blog post to answer it. So today that's exactly what I am going to do.

    Now with all of the different methods of doing the HCG Diet, more and more people are starting to get away from using injections to administer the HCG Hormone - Nowadays, I think that one of the most popular ways for HCG Dieters to use is the sublingual method.

    But is it the best way? - This is one question that I am asked at least once a week. However, it usually sounds something like this...

    "This is my first time using the HCG Weight Loss Diet and I was wondering, would you recommend using Oral Liquid Drops or HCG Injections?"

    Well in my opinion, I would have to say that the HCG Injections are probably the best way to do the diet. Whether you do Subcutaneous or Intramuscular, administering the HCG through injection will likely give you the best results.

    Although Liquid HCG Drops do work, most people who have used both methods say that the injections are the better way to go.

    Now this doesn't mean that you can't lose the same amount of weight using the drops or pellets, because you can. It just means that HCG Injections are better for introducing the hormone into your system.

    Another good reason for using HCG Injections, aside from being fast and effective, you only have to do one shot a day. With the HCG Liquid Drops, you have to take them at least 3 times per day, holding them under your tongue for 15 minutes or longer with each dose that you take.

    One thing that the drops do have going for them though, they are completely painless. However, the needles on the HCG syringes are so small, they make the shots virtually pain free as well.

    So unless you are deathly afraid of needles, I would suggest using the HCG Injections to get the best results.

    Do you prefer using HCG Injections or Liquid HCG Drops? - Tell me what you think in a comment below.

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