The Latest Talk In Our HCG Forum

  • Brian Connole
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  • Come take a sneak peak into our HCG Diet Forum...

    With the New Year upon us, more and more people are wanting to use the HCG Diet to lose weight. This means that the HCG 411 Blog and Forum are busier than ever. We are getting new members to our forum daily.

    The best part is, most of our existing members have done the diet before, so they're able to help out the HCG Diet Newbies. Plus, it's like we're all a team working to hit the same goal; and really that's exactly what we are doing.

     If you haven't become a member yet, you're missing out on a lot of good tips and HCG Diet info.

    Here's just some of the things that we've been talking about this week...

    The Latest Talk In Our HCG Forum

    Phase 2 Discussions
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    Recipes For Phase 2 and 3
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    Dividing Up Meals If You Are Hungry
    Barbecuing Your Meat
    Miracle Noodles
    Mixing And Dosing Question
    New To The HCG Diet
    Hungry Beyond Belief
    Starting Phase 3
    The Best Place To Buy Your HCG Online

    So needless to say, our members stay pretty active - Which means that there are always new topics being discussed in the HCG 411 Forum. But if you want to get in on these discussions you have to become a member first...

    You can go ahead and put your credit cards away though, because it's totally 100% FREE!

    Hope to see you there...

    What do you think of the HCG Diet 411 Forum? - Tell me in a comment below...

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