To The Women Using The HCG Diet...

  • Brian Connole
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  • If you are a wife or mother that uses the HCG Diet, please read this...

    I think we can all agree that there are a lot of people using the HCG Diet to lose weight these days. But do you know who uses the diet more than anyone else?

    Well, if you guessed women you are correct.

    Although the diet can be used by men, it's women that make up the majority of HCG Diet users. And as you can imagine, a large portion of those women have husbands and children.

    But does this make a difference when it comes to losing weight with the HCG Diet?

    You bet it does. Actually, it makes it much harder for these women to experience success. Think about it... Unless a woman has her entire family using the HCG Diet, she has to make separate meals for everybody.

    This has to make it very difficult to stick with the 500 Calorie Diet Plan. Unfortunately, I didn't really consider this while Suzy was doing her 2nd and 3rd rounds all on her own. I probably could have helped her out a bit more.

    That's why today I wanted to take a moment to commend all of you women for not only striving to reach your weight loss goal, but taking care of your family all the while.

    So on behalf of husbands and children everywhere - Thank you!

    Are you a wife or mother that uses the HCG Diet? If so, tell us below if you think it's been harder on you to stick to the 500 Calorie Diet.

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