Where To Buy HCG Pellets

  • Brian Connole
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  • If You're Looking For HCG Diet Pellets, Look No Further - We've Found Them!

    HCG Pills
    Ever since the HCG Diet was created, people have been trying to come up with easier ways for doing it. So now, you are not only able to do HCG Injections, but you can choose from a few other methods as well.

    More recently, we were introduced to HCG Pellets, or pills as they are sometimes called. This has become a popular way for taking the HCG Hormone. 

    The only trouble is they can be very difficult to find at times - Until now that is. 

    Where To Buy HCG Pellets 

    Not long ago, a reliable and trusted company that I have been recommending for quite some time now, had made the HCG Pellets available.

    The company that I'm referring to is Nu Image Medical. Along with the HCG Pellets, they do offer injections and liquid drops as well.

    This is a great site to go through when you want the support of a clinic, but don't have the money to actually go to one.

    Each order of HCG Pellets comes with enough pills for a 40 Day Round. It requires no mixing, and you don't have to keep them in the fridge like you do liquid HCG. You will also get some HCG Diet Recipes, Diet Counseling, and HCG Coaching support.

    All these things make Nu Image Medical and the Oral HCG Pellets (HCG Troche's) a good choice when doing the diet.

    For more information about the HCG Diet Pellets, go here to Nu Image Medical: Just click the box that says Oral Troche's. 

    Which way do you prefer  the HCG Diet? - Tell me what you think in a comment below.

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