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  • Where Can I Get Real HCG Drops Online?

    I know that I have mentioned a few times in the past, that when I get asked a certain question often enough, I like to reply to that particular question by writing about it in a blog post.

    This way, I can answer the question for everyone else who is wondering about the same thing - You know the saying, "Kill two birds with one stone".

    Well, that is exactly what I plan on doing today. Now even though I'm quite sure that I have written about this topic some time ago, I still get asked this question very frequently - This is what one of my readers recently wrote...


    I am very interested in starting the HCG Diet, but I am extremely nervous about making purchases online. I hate needles and I would like to use the Rx HCG Drops. Could you please tell me if there is any safe place to order pharmaceutical grade hCG Drops online?

    PS - I am not at all interested in the Homeopathic Drops, my sister tried them and said she would not recommend using them. Any information you can give will help.

    Patty C.

    Although there is a couple of different places online that you can order pre-mixed Pharmaceutical HCG Drops from, I don't like to suggest doing that. Simply because it can sometimes take days or even weeks to get your shipment, and by that time it may have already lost some of its potency.

    This is why I like to recommend ordering your HCG along with a Sublingual HCG Mixing Kit, and simply mix the drops yourself. It's very easy to do, and this way there is no question that you are getting Pharmaceutical Grade HCG.

    The reason I think most people are afraid to do it this way is because they are scared that they will mess things up. However, it is really much easier than some of you might think.

    In all honesty, it's easier than baking chocolate chip cookies. I have even posted step by step instructions here on this blog - Plus, you will also get complete directions on how it's done, along with your order.

    So if you are interested in doing this, I would recommend getting the complete HCG Diet Program from Nu Image Medical.

    Do you prefer to use HCG Drops, Pellets, or Injections?

    As always I would love to hear what you think - So be sure to tell me your thoughts and opinions in a comment below.

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