How Stress Affects You On The HCG Diet

  • Brian Connole
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  • Does Stress Affect How You Lose Weight With The HCG Diet?

    These days we know more about the psychological as well as the physical effects that stress and other emotions can have on people.

    For instance, we know that stress has been directly linked to such things as hair loss, stomach ulcers, depression, loss of appetite, sleeplessness.

    Here are some of the 
    many other side effects of stress:

      Stress Side Effects
    • Headaches
    • Migraines
    • Muscle tension
    • Chest pain
    • Fatigue
    • No sex drive
    • Anxiety
    • Panic attacks
    • Lack of focus
    • Irritability
    • Anger
    • Drug and/or alcohol use

    But can stress actually affect your weight loss on the HCG Diet Plan?

    Sure it can. In fact, another thing that we know stress is linked to is weight gain. So if stress can have an affect on your weight off of the HCG Diet, it's only logical to assume that it can affect your rate of weight loss on the diet as well.

    Knowing which triggers cause you to become stressed can play a big part in combating the stress. So pay close attention to what you are thinking about or doing directly before you start to experience high levels of stress.

    Then, once you identify what those thoughts and situations are, try to avoid doing those things as much as possible.

    However, although it may be helpful, simply avoiding stressful situations may not be enough to keep you stress free. Here are some other things you can do to keep stress to a minimum both on and off of the HCG Diet Plan.

    What you can do lower stress on and off the HCG Diet:

    Doing all of the things mentioned above should help a great deal in keeping your day as stress free as possible.

    But remember, a little bit of stress here and there is completely normal. It's the overwhelming amount of stress that will likely effect your weight loss goals.

    Let's recap what we've just learned:

    • Stress affects people in many different ways.
    • Side effects of stress can be mental as well as physical.
    • Your weight loss may actually be affected by stress while on the HCG Diet.
    • You should make yourself aware of what triggers cause you to become stressed and try to avoid those things if at all possible.
    • Use stress reducing techniques to keep stress to a minimum on and off of the HCG Diet to help keep your mind and body healthy.

    Do you know any other major side effects of stress?

    I always appreciate feedback from my readers ... So please let me know what you think in a comment below.

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