How To Make HCG Injections Less Painful

  • Brian Connole
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  • Would you like to know how to make the HCG injections less painful?

    HCG NEEDLEFor a lot of people on the HCG Diet, the hormone injections are by far the hardest part to get used to; especially if you are experiencing a lot of pain when you do them.

    Now, I'm sure you know that you are supposed to keep your HCG refrigerated to help keep it fresher longer. But, because the HCG liquid hormone is cold when you do your injection, it can sting a bit when the HCG goes in.

    What can you do to make your injections less painful?

    Take the syringe that has the cold HCG hormone inside of it, and put it into a cup of hot water. The hot water from your faucet should be hot enough. Do this for about 2 or 3 minutes before injecting yourself. I have found that this helps with the stinging sensation.
    But if the pain that you are feeling comes more from the actual syringe itself, then you might want to read about the top 3 ways to ease the pain of HCG Injections.

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    What do you think is the worst part of the HCG Diet?

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