Constipation On The HCG Diet

  • Brian Connole
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  • Experiencing a little constipation on the HCG Diet seems to be a pretty common occurrence.

    Glass of LemonadeMy wife and I have found a couple of different ways to help you have more frequent bowel movements while using HCG Drops, Shots or Pellets.

    While on the HCG Diet you are supposed to be drinking at least 2 Liters of water per day. My wife found that using the 1 whole lemon that she was allowed to have, mixed with 2 Liters of water and some Stevia, not only made good lemonade, but it also helped with the constipation as well.

    How Do You Make HCG Lemonade To Relieve Constipation?

    The trick is to get as much of the pulp from the lemon as possible into the water. This should help you to have more regular bowel movements during the HCG Diet Program.

    However, if you find that it doesn't help as much as you'd like, keep drinking the lemonade, but increase your water intake throughout day on top of that. An extra liter of water, along with the HCG lemonade should do the trick.

    Another benefit to drinking HCG Lemonade and increasing water is, not only will it help you to be less constipated, but it might even help you lose more weight too.

    Make sure to check back here with the HCG 411 Blog for more daily tips, reminders, and HCG recipes. Until then keep up the hard work and as always, good luck!

    How often do you experience constipation on the HCG Diet Plan?

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