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  • The HCG Diet Information Blog Is Now The HCG Diet 411 Blog!

    The HCG Diet Information Blog is moving domain names. The domain name that this blog has been under for the past couple of months is hcginformation.blogspot.com which is a subdomain name on Blogger.

    Our new web address is www.hcg411.info -- This is a domain name that I now own. With the new URL, our name is also changing. This blog will now be known as HCG Diet 411.

    Our blog is still here at Blogger.com, so it won't have any effect on the people who are still using my old subdomain name, it will still take them to the same place. Or if you have this blog bookmarked your link will still work.

    I wanted to have a domain name that is easier for my visitors to remember. So if you would like, you can bookmark this site again so that you can have our new web address.

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