How To Inject Yourself With The HCG Hormone

  • Brian Connole
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  • If you are nervous about giving yourself an injection and just want to make sure that you're doing it right, then read the rest of this article.

    I know I'm going back to the basics here, but I recently realized that I've never written about the proper way to inject yourself with the HCG Hormone.

    So today I am going to give you step-by-step instructions for injecting yourself.

    How To Inject Yourself With The HCG Hormone

    1. First, take and fill the syringe with the proper amount of HCG Hormone. Most people usually start in between 125IU to 175IU.
    2. Then, clean the injection site with an alcohol pad, making sure to let the alcohol dry completely like we discussed in the HCG Injection Reminder post.
    3. Next, pinch your skin between your index finger and thumb.
    4. Now, keeping the needle straight, insert the needle. You don't have to insert the needle all of the way, but you should push it in at least half-way.
    5. After that, pull back the plunger of the syringe just a titch to make sure that you don't have any blood in the syringe. If you do see blood, take the needle out, get rid of any air bubbles, and try again in a different spot.
    6. Last, just inject the HCG Hormone by pushing the plunger all of the way down. You can do the injection either fast or slow, whichever way is more comfortable for you.

    Keep in mind, it is totally normal to see a little blood at the injection site afterward. If you do, just apply a little bit of pressure with a sterile cotton ball or alcohol pad.

    Are you afraid of needles?

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    January 26, 2010 at 3:46 PM

    I was wondering if you could advice more on injecting hcg, i did find this guide interesting but i am just curious.



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