Another Great Plateau Breaker

  • Brian Connole
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  • If Your Weight Loss Has Stalled, Try Using This Great Plateau Breaker...

    HCG StallIf you are a regular reader of our HCG Diet Blog, then you have probably read some of the other Plateau Breaker tips that I have posted.

    However, if this is your first time visiting, you should definitely check out the other tips that we have on this particular topic.

    (Here are the links to those posts - HCG Diet Plateau Breaker. And this HCG Plateau Breaker Tip)

    HCG Plateau Breaker:

    Today's plateau breaker tip deals with cutting down, or possibly even cutting out, all of the American Beef from your diet. It just so happens that American Beef is much more fatty than beef from some of the other countries.

    If you do cut down on eating American Beef while on the 500 Calorie Diet, you can simply replace it with the proper amount of Chicken or Fish; which in this case would be about 100 grams.

    This should help you to get off of your Plateau and losing weight again. Most people will usually start losing within 24 hours of doing a Plateau Breaker.

    Remember, while on the HCG Diet Plan, if you haven't lost any weight for 2 or more days you may be on a Plateau. But instead of trying to wait it out, you may want to consider using one of the many different HCG Plateau Breakers.

    What other Plateau Breakers have you tried in the past? - Tell me in a comment.

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