Hair Loss And The HCG Hormone

  • Brian Connole
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  • Hair Loss On The HCG Diet - Should You Be Worried?

    While on the HCG Hormone Injections, hair loss is a major concern for both men and women.

    Even though it doesn't happen to everyone who uses the HCG Hormone, a little hair loss may take place. The good news is that it's usually just temporary.

    Similar to the hair loss that women experience after having a baby, it is not uncommon to lose an above average amount of hair during or after coming off of the HCG Hormone. This will typically stabilize without having to do anything about it.

    However if you do want to help the process along, Burdock Root Tea can be used.

    Instructions for using Burdock Tea:

    • Pour hot water over a couple of burdock root tea bags.
    • Allow to sit overnight.
    • Warm it up in the morning.
    • Pour mixture on your scalp or spray in your hair just like a leave-in-conditioner.
    • Comb through it after showering the next day.
    • You should make a new batch every 4 to 5 days.

    Other HCG Diet users have said that Thymuskin shampoo and treatment can be a successful solution.

    I also read somewhere that some people who experienced temporary hair-loss after the HCG Diet, have had great results with Provillus, which is another top-rated hair loss treatment.

    Let me know your thoughts on the topic by leaving a comment below.

    Have you had any hair loss on the HCG Diet?

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