Should You Increase Your HCG Dose?

  • Brian Connole
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  • Are you thinking about increasing the amount of your hCG Injections?

    I recently received an email from a reader of the HCG Diet 411 Blog, asking if they should increase their daily dose of the HCG Hormone.

    In their email they wrote...

    "I have been following the HCG Diet Protocol, but I am still feeling hungry throughout the day. Should I try increasing my dose of the HCG Hormone?"

    Unfortunately there is not a simple Yes or No answer to this question. You have to first ask yourself, how bad is your feeling of hunger. Are you slightly hungry throughout the day or is your feeling of hunger unbearable? Can you cure your hunger another way?
    HCG Needles

    For instance, you could try eating your Melba Toast/Grissini Bread for a snack instead of with your meals.

    However, if that doesn't do the trick and you are still overwhelmed with feelings of hunger, increasing your dose might not be a bad idea.

    What should I increase my hCG dose to? 

    If you do decide to increase the amount of your dose of hCG, you will only want to increase it 25 IUs at a time. For example: If you are at 125 IUs, you will want to increase it to 150 IUs.

    Now, even though the HCG Hormone is supposed to suppress most of those feelings of hunger, you have to remember that you are on a low 500 calorie diet, so it's going to be a huge change from what you are probably used to eating.

    Do you get your hCG prescribed from your doctor or online?

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