Dieting Is A Gamble

  • Brian Connole
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  • Like I had mentioned in my last post, Blogging In Vegas, I'm taking my family to Las Vegas Nevada for our family vacation. After 6 hours of driving we are finally here at the Golden Nugget Hotel/Casino.

    Today I was downstairs in the casino and I started thinking...

    Dieting is a lot like gambling

    No matter which way you look at it when you start a diet it's a gamble. It doesn't really matter what diet it is you're taking a chance.

    However, I would much rather take my chances with a diet that has a track record like the HCG Diet. I don't know of any other diet out there that you could lose a pound or more every single day.

    Not to mention that the HCG Hormone helps give you energy and it makes you feel great too.

    So if you are going to wager your time on a diet, you should bet on one with a track record like the HCG Diet.

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