Your Menstrual Cycle And The HCG Diet

  • Brian Connole
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  • Find out what to do if you are menstruating while on the HCG Diet...

    Woman SadIf you are a woman starting the HCG Weight Loss Diet using the Hormone Injections, you should always wait until right after your menstrual cycle to begin.

    However, if you still get your period after you have already started doing the injections, this is what you should do...

    What to do if you start your menstrual cycle while on the HCG Diet:

    • You still need to stick with the 500 Calorie Diet.
    • You must stop doing the HCG Shots until you are no longer menstruating.

    If you start your cycle but don't menstruate

    • If you are a woman who does not menstruate anymore, but you still have your monthly cycle, you should continue doing the HCG Injections and the 500 Calorie Diet throughout your cycle.

    After stopping the Hormone Injections during their menstrual cycle, a large number of women using the HCG Diet say that they didn't lose weight until after they had stopped menstruating. Some even say that they gained a little weight during that time.

    So if it's possible, try planning your diet so that you don't have your cycle while doing the injections. This way you can avoid this problem altogether. However, if you are doing the Protocol with 40 HCG Injections, you will likely have to deal with this either way. But at least now you know what to do when it does happen - Unless you just skimmed over this article. If that's the case you better go back to the top and start over.

    Have you had this problem? If so - Tell me in a comment.

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