Dr. Simeons Pounds And Inches part 2

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  • If you are looking for Dr. Simeons' book, Pounds and Inches, look no further!
    Like I mentioned yesterday, I will be breaking up the next few blog posts into a 3 part series. Now keep in mind that this isn't the entire book - but rather 3 important parts of the book that I think most people will be interested in reading.

    So today you will be getting the second installment. In this post, Dr. Simeons talks about what to expect from the book and about all of the research that went into creating the HCG Weight Loss Program.

    Dr. Simeons Pounds And Inches part 2

    Dr. A.T.W. Simeons writes...

    "To me this requirement seems basic, and it has always been the center of my interest. In dealing with obese patients it became a habit to register and order every clinical experience as if it were an odd looking piece of a jig-saw puzzle. 

    And then, as in a jig saw puzzle, little clusters of fragments began to form, though they seemed to fit in nowhere. As the years passed these clusters grew bigger and started to amalgamate until, about sixteen years ago, a complete picture became dimly discernible. This picture was, and still is, dotted with gaps for which I cannot find the pieces, but I do now feel that a theoretical structure is visible as a whole.

    With mounting experience, more and more facts seemed to fit snugly into the new framework, and then, when a treatment based on such speculations showed consistently satisfactory results, I was sure that some practical advance had been made, regardless of whether the theoretical interpretation of these results is correct or not.

    The clinical results of the new treatment have been published in scientific journal and these reports have been generally well received by the profession, but the very nature of a scientific article does not permit the full presentation of new theoretical concepts nor is there room to discuss the finer points of technique and the reasons for observing them.

    During the 16 years that have elapsed since I first published my findings, I have had many hundreds of inquiries from research institutes, doctors and patients.

    Hitherto I could only refer those interested to my scientific papers, though I realized that these did not contain sufficient information to enable doctors to conduct the new treatment satisfactorily. Those who tried were obliged to gain their own experience through the many trials and errors which I have long since overcome."

    Have you read the book "Pounds And Inches - A Cure For Obesity"? - If so, tell me what you thought about it.

    Thanks for stopping by the HCG Diet 411 Blog. Make sure to come back tomorrow for part 3 of the pounds and inches series.

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