The First Basic Cause Of Obesity

  • Brian Connole
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  • This week instead of talking only about the HCG Diet, I have been posting more about obesity. Today I am posting about one of the main things that causes someone to become obese.

    Dr. A.T.W. Simeons did extensive research and trials to come up with the best way to treat obesity. He saw it as a disorder that could possibly be cured with the right treatment. I think it is interesting to hear the different things that he has to say on the subject.

    Dr. Simmeons calls it...

    The Inherited Factor

    "Assuming that there is a limit to the diencephalon's fat banking capacity, it follows that there are three basic ways in which obesity can become manifest.

    The first is that the fatbanking capacity is abnormally low from birth. Such a congenitally low diencephalic capacity would then represent the inherited factor in obesity. When this abnormal trait is markedly present, obesity will develop at an early age in spite of normal feeding; this could explain why among brothers and sisters eating the same food at the same table some become obese and others do not."

    Unfortunately, a lot of my family is overweight, so this article really hits home for me. Most of my family struggle with weight-issues and it's interesting to see how this takes effect.

    Like Dr. Simeons says, there are three main ways for obesity to manifest, tomorrow we will talk about the second way.

    Does anyone else in your family have a weight problem?

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