Should I Trust What Kevin Trudeau Says About The HCG Diet

  • Brian Connole
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  • Yes, I have heard all about Kevin Trudeau's "checkered past". Whether or not it's true is another story all-together. Unfortunately I have not been able to confirm the stories about Kevin, but either way it should not change the way you feel about the HCG Diet.

    But still people are always asking me...

    Should I Trust What Kevin Trudeau Says About the HCG Diet?

    My short answer is yes you can!

    I'll explain: Kevin Trudeau did not develop the HCG Diet Protocol, Dr. Simeons did. In-fact, the HCG Diet Protocol was developed many years before his book was ever written.

    Kevin Trudeau's book "Weight Loss Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About" is basically his take on the HCG Diet. His book has some helpful information, and in my opinion, is a great addition to the HCG Protocol.

    Actually, most of the HCG Dieters that I personally have talked to about this, say that they were so successful with HCG Diet because they had read Kevin's book before they started the injections.

    So if you ask me, and sometimes people do, I think everyone that is thinking about doing the HCG Diet should read Kevin Trudeau's book. I had even recommended it in an earlier post. (Recommended Book For The HCG Diet). 

    But can you really trust what anyone says about anything anymore, because everyone has a past.

    Do you have something in your past that you're not proud of?

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