Where Do You Buy Grissini Breadsticks

  • Brian Connole
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  • Are you trying to find a place to purchase Grissini Bread-Sticks?
    Grissini Breadsticks answer

    Sometimes when I receive an email from one of my readers, I will write a blog post to answer that persons question. Well this time I was just going to answer the question and email her back.

    But it just so happens that I didn't have the answer, imagine that!

    No big deal, I thought that I would ask my wife and that would solve the mystery. Well, I was wrong! She didn't have the answer either. So then I swallowed my pride and I "Googled It".

    "Where Do You Buy Grissini Breadsticks?"

    That's it, that is the million dollar question that has stumped me for the past hour or so.

    But the only thing that I found out was that you are able to purchase it online. I couldn't find out if any stores carry it or not. I did find something that someone had written about Grissini Breadsticks, they said that they had purchased some at a Safeway Grocery store once, but I could not confirm this.

    Blog Post Update: One of my readers left a comment on another post and confirmed my suspicions - Read it here.

    Grissini Breadsticks are also available through the HCG Diet 411 Store, which is located here on this blog. Or, you can go here...

    For Plain Grissini Breadsticks:

    For Garlic Flavored Grissini Breadsticks:

    Do you know of a place to purchase Grissini Breadsticks? If so, leave a comment.

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