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After The 500 Calorie Diet

So you're done with the 500 Calorie Diet, now what?

Question MarkAfter the 500 Calorie Diet and the HCG Hormone Drops, Injections or Pellets stop, some might say that it's time to live it up and eat anything you'd like.

Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but those people are wrong. Even though for the most part you are free to eat what you'd like when you get hungry, there are still certain things that you need stay away from.
Knowing what you should and should not do, could be the difference between failure and success.

So what does come after the 500 Calorie Diet?


1. Weigh yourself daily.

2. Monitor what you eat, but don't count calories.

3. Don't eat any sugars or starches for the first 3 weeks.

4. Then slowly introduce sugars and starches for the 3 weeks after that.

5. Make sure not to gain more than 2 pounds from your last injection.

However, if you do go over the 2 pound limit, you should do a "Steak Day". This is when you skip breakfast and lunch, but continue to drink lots of water throughout the day. Then at dinner you eat a large steak with either an apple or a raw tomato.

The HCG Diet is without a doubt one of the best ways to lose weight. But what most people don't know, is that one of the other main purposes of the diet is to help fix your body's metabolism.

This is why Phase 3, also known as "Stabilization" or "The Maintenance Phase" is one of the more crucial parts of the HCG Diet. While Phase 2 helps kick-start things by getting you to eat better and lose weight, Phase 3 is going to keep you on the right track to leading a healthier life.

Some people say that the Maintenance Phase is the scariest part of the HCG Diet; just for the simple fact that you go from being told exactly what you should eat, to being able to eat almost anything you'd like. Sure it might be a little scary at first, but I think eating only 500 calories a day is much more scarier.

The main thing that you should try to remember is why you started this diet in the first place - to lose weight and become a healthier you!

Here are some helpful tips to help ease you into this phase of the diet...

Maintenance And Stabilization Tips:

1. Avoid eating or drinking anything that has ingredients that you cannot pronounce.

2. Eat real fruits and vegetables (Not canned).

3. Drink lots of water.

4. Don't eat fast food or out at restaurants.

5. Avoid eating any processed foods. (lunch meat or canned fruits/vegetables)

Keep in mind that the maintenance phase is not about losing weight -- This part of the diet was designed to train your body to stabilize and maintain your new weight. If you can do that, you are going to be eating better, looking better and feeling better too.

What do you think of HCG Maintenance Phase 3 - Does it seem easier or harder than Phase 2?

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  1. You have a lot of great tips on your blog. I have spent the past hour going over the many different articles here. Thank you.

  2. Brad you do a great job. I have read alot on the HCG diet and I have done the injections for 40 days and took a break and just started again to get off the last 15 lbs. I like your outline and specific points. You break it down really well. I did a lot of research and knew what to do but you made it simpler and so many other sites mix it up....

    Good Job...

  3. Hello Anonymous,

    Thank you for the kind words... My name is actually Brian not Brad - That's okay though, it's an honest mistake. I hope to see you back here often.

    Take care,

    Brian M. Connole - (A.K.A. Brad)
    HCG Diet 411

  4. what do i do about thanksgiving that's next week it falls on day 26 for me do i do the 3 day with no supplements before thanksgiving or do i continue the supplements and enjoy the day treat it as a gorge day?
    then when i get to phase 3 i will be on vacation for 4 days how do i handle that.any help would be appreciated and i am taking the homeopathic liquid hcg drops. thanks my name is ruby

  5. Hi Ruby,

    If I understand you correctly... Today is your 22nd day of Phase 2. So you would want to start doing the 3 days of the 500 calorie diet without any HCG the day after tomorrow - Then, the day after thanksgiving you would start Phase 3.

    So be real careful on Thanksgiving because that will be your 3rd day without HCG and you will want to eat.

    Then read this post about vacationing on Phase 3...

    Good luck my friend,

    Brian M Connole
    HCG Diet 411

  6. hey there Ruby again, thank you for your prompt response now that i know what to do...can i eat the meals for thanksgiving if my portions are controlled considering the restrictions of phase 3 will it affect phase 3 or will next day be a steak day, i've never cheated on the hcg. diet so i guess i"m looking for a loop hole.

    2)did you say on 11/22 start the 3 day without hcg. or start 0n 11/23 if it is on 11/23 can i do it on 11/22 thank you..

  7. Early November 2010 I finished my 3rd round and was down 100 pounds for all three rounds. Then the holidays hit and I went bonkers and I mean bonkers. I gained all the weight back from my third round. It is 100% my fault as I ate things I shouldn't have been eating in quantities I should not have been eating. Anyway I just started my 4th round and am curious how much I have messed myself up. I know I will lose it again but I also know how important the maintaniane is.

  8. Hello Brian, I have been reading your Blog for the last month...and now I find myself in need of some expert advice! I started Phase 3 on Friday (after having lost 17 lbs on Phase 2) unfortunately, this was my birthday weekend and we had lots of friends and festivities...I had lots of protein and veggies, but I also had some wine, vodka ans a little scotch...all in very small quantities...and I had a very small portion of cake on Fri, Sat & Sun...naturally, none of this was good...but I am back on track...I was up 3 lbs this today, I have been having LOTS of water and so far have just had some chicken breast, cucumbers and an apple...what do you suggest to help me drop those three pounds? I will start walking this was a great weekend!!

  9. Happy Birthday!

    I would keep drinking lots of water, and maybe do an Apple Day.

    I wish you the best of luck - Keep me posted on your progress.

    Take care,

    Brian M Connole
    HCG Diet 411

  10. I am on day 2 of no hcg my maintenance phase starts day after tomorrow. The scale this morning registered 2.2 lbs more than I was yesterday my question is does gaining in this 3 day period call for a steak day or stick to the 500 cal and hope for the best tomorrow am

  11. A fit and good health is required for all. I have tried dieting several time but never succeed.Now, I will follow this HCG diet and hoping will get a good helth with less fat.Thansk for such post.

  12. Ok I cheated I ate rice n cheese n cookies n milk omg I had the worse stomach ache ever I felt like throwing up n I got diarrhea why is that?

  13. Can you eat Medifast bars during Phase 3?

  14. I really love this site, however, if this site is suppose to work as an informational and support page and we are asked to add a comment and we do (of course most of them are in forms of questions), seems to me that to wait for an answer takes forever... by the time you get an answer, you've either screwed up in your diet or gone starving not to break it..Am I the only one that is frustrated by responses?

  15. Today is my last day of injections, I want to eat fat sooooooo bad! For my last day, I did an apple day today, any one know what happens if you add the fat back too soon?


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