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Where Did You Hear That?

Have you ever read an article or blog post that someone has written, but you can tell right away that the person has no idea what they are talking about?

I came across one of these articles yesterday when I was visiting an HCG Blog that I follow. What happened was, I clicked on a link that looked interesting, but when I got there this guy was just "Bad-Mouthing" the HCG Diet.

He was mad because some website had supposedly used his "Before and After" photos and said that he had lost weight using the HCG Diet.

Well I guess that wasn't true and he was absolutely furious. Now don't get me wrong, I can understand that he was upset that some website used his photos without permission and then said something that wasn't true. I totally get that part, but don't bad mouth the HCG Diet, he should be bad mouthing the website or company that made the false statement. 

However, some person claiming to be a doctor was commenting on the article and whether or not he was a doctor didn't really matter to me. But what he was saying did.

This is what he said...
"Do not get HCG injections and stay away from any “health care professional” that is willing to give them to you.

HCG is supposed to increase your testosterone production. Testosterone tells your body to build muscle. However, in a weight loss setting, it tells your body to burn fat instead of muscle.

So, combining HCG injections with a calorie deficit SHOULD encourage greater fat loss. I say should because this has never been proven in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded study."

You see, when he said "However, in a weight loss setting, it tells your body to burn fat instead of muscle" he was exactly right. That is what the HCG does! But it actually tells your body to burn the right kind of fat. Plus at the same time the HCG Hormone is helping you to feel less hungry and even fix your bodies metabolism.

So he is saying that you will lose weight on a 500 calorie diet just as fast without HCG. Well I don't know about that, you will lose weight I'm sure, but if you're losing it just as fast, it's probably because you are burning muscle which is believed to weigh more than fat.

So just because someone is dropping weight on a low calorie diet it doesn't mean that it's fat that they are losing. Dr. Simeons spent years of research developing the HCG Diet and I have seen first hand how effective it is.

Of coarse everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just hate to see people making assumptions like this. I am sure if this guy is a doctor, he is just going off of what he has heard and not what he knows.

What do you think?

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