A Closer Look At The HCG Diet

  • Brian Connole
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  • Why are so many people using the HCG Diet?

    Of coarse the most obvious answer would be to lose weight. However, the entire concept of the HCG Diet is so much more than that.

    You see, with the diet fads that are on the market these days, you might drop a total of 5 to 10 pounds or even more, and don't get me wrong that's great, but then as soon as the diet ends, you gain it all back.

    This is the one of the many things that separate the HCG Diet from every other diet out there. Not only will you consistently lose about a pound a day, but the HCG Diet was actually structured to reset, fix, and even improve your bodies metabolism. Doing this is what helps you to get rid of the weight and keep it off.

    After all, what good is losing weight if you're just going to gain it right back!

    It has been seen that in a large majority of these diets, after you initially lose the weight you will likely gain back every pound lost and in some cases even more.

    Dr. Simeons saw this as a problem that could be fixed. He not only wanted to help people lose weight, but he wanted to create a way that would keep them from ever gaining it back. So with years of research and clinical studies, he developed the HCG Diet.

    Using the HCG Diet can help you...

    1. Lose weight.
    2. Reset, fix, and improve your bodies metabolism.
    3. Maintain and keep the weight off.
    The good news is that goals 1 and 2 are basically achieved simultaneously... You can lose weight, reset, fix, and improve your bodies metabolism by sticking to the HCG Diet Protocol.

    The 500 Calorie Diet coupled with the HCG Hormone Injections, will produce a significant amount of weight loss. At the same time, it retrains your metabolism so that it can function in a more natural and healthy way.

    But much like training your body for anything else, this can take a bit of work. This is why Phase 2 of the HCG Diet will last for 23 to 40 days - And then you'll have 6 more weeks of Phase 3. Any less than that, will not give your metabolism enough time to adjust.

    Which brings us to the 3rd goal, to maintain and keep the weight off. This relies somewhat on retraining your bodies metabolism. Because the better job you do at resetting and fixing your metabolism, the easier it will be to keep yourself from gaining the weight back.

    But that's only half of it...

    To successfully maintain and keep the weight off, you need to take the Maintenance Phase very seriously. People have a tendency to believe that after you stop using the HCG Hormone, the diet is over.

    Well, this simply is just not true. Even though for the most part your food choices are not as restricted, there are still certain rules that need to be followed.

    The 3 Main Rules For The Maintenance Phase

    1. For the first 3 weeks of the Maintenance Phase, you should NOT have any sugars or starches.
    2. The following 3 weeks after that, you should try to slowly but surely introduce sugars and starches back into your diet.
    3. From day 1 of the Maintenance Phase, you want to stay within 2 pounds of what you weighed on your last injection day.

    Not having a strict menu to follow is something that a lot of HCG Diet users worry about when first starting this phase. Unlike the 500 Calorie Diet that is laid out for you in the beginning - The Maintenance Phase generally allows you to eat what you want, when you want to. So as long as you pay close attention to the ingredients that are in the foods you eat, you should do fine.

    As you can see the HCG Diet is kind of like a puzzle, to successfully complete it you must have all the pieces. That is why it's very crucial for you to do every part of the diet correctly.
    Because if you do it the way it's meant to be done, you will lose weight and at the same time gain a healthier way of living.

    What do you think about the Maintenance Phase of the HCG Diet?

    As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please be sure to tell me your thoughts in a comment below.

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