Diabetes And The HCG Diet

  • Brian Connole
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  • Are you a diabetic that would like to use the HCG Weight Loss Diet?

    I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I would be choosing 1 comment or question every week to do a post on. Well today I am writing this post in response to a question that I received from one of my readers.

    Debbie from Michigan asks...

    "Can diabetics use the HCG Diet?"

    Well Debbie, people that suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, also known as Stable Diabetes, are still able to successfully use the HCG Diet. In fact, some diabetics have said, that after being on the HCG Diet for about a week, they were able to cut way back on their medication. Some even say that they were able to stop taking it all together.

    Of course this is something that you should never attempt to do on your own. You should always consult your doctor before you stop or make any changes to your medication.

    But how is this even possible?

    Usually, when a diabetic with high blood sugar has been on the HCG Diet for a couple of days, their blood sugar levels will start going down. In most cases, it will continue to drop everyday until it reaches normal levels, which can sometimes take about 2 or 3 weeks.

    On the other hand...

    A person with Type 1 Diabetes, which is sometimes called Brittle Diabetes, does not do as well with the HCG Diet. However, people that do have Type 1 Diabetes are still able to use the diet if they choose to. But I think it goes without saying, that both types of diabetics should be closely monitored by their doctors throughout the course of the diet.

    Do you have a question about the HCG Diet that you would like answered in a post? If so, be sure to leave it in a comment below.

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