Do Men Produce The HCG Hormone

  • Brian Connole
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  • Is it possible for a man to produce the HCG Hormone?

    Last week I had mentioned that I would be choosing a 1 comment or email to write a post about. Well, today I have selected another great question to answer in this post.

    Now I just read this email last night, but it was actually sent a couple of days ago. Sometimes it takes me a 1 or 2 days to read all of the emails that I receive.

    However, if you leave your question in comment, I will see it that same day. So if you want to leave a question for me to answer in a post, leave a comment and I will receive a lot sooner.

    The email question that I am writing about today, is from a loyal reader of the HCG Diet 411 Blog named David. In his email David asks...

    Do men produce the HCG Hormone?

    First of all, this is an awesome question! It's no secret that a lot of men don't do the HCG Diet, just for the simple fact that women produce the HCG Hormone.


    What most people don't know is that men also produce the HCG Hormone. It is said that a normal healthy man will produce no more than 0.8 mIU/mL of HCG. A woman who is not pregnant will typically produce the same amount; in the early stages of pregnancy it will measure 25 mIU/mL or higher.

    However, if a man does produce above 0.8 mIU/mL of HCG, it could be an indication of Testicular Cancer.

    So for those of you who don't yet know, the HCG Diet is definitely safe for men to use. In fact, men have been using the diet for just as long as women.

    Do you have a question about the HCG Diet? Leave it in a comment and I might answer it in a post.

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