Why You Should Keep An HCG Diet Journal

  • Brian Connole
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    Over the past year and a half I have talked to many different people that have used the HCG Diet. But out of all those people only a handful of them have kept a journal to track their progress - Even though it is recommended by Dr Simeons himself. My wife and I could have probably kept a more detailed journal ourselves.

    But I'm sure most of you are asking yourselves - why would I need to keep a journal - And I understand, in fact I used to wonder the same thing. That is until my wife made me start using one; then I was able to see the importance a little bit more. Below, I've listed a few good reasons that you would want to have a journal of your own for the HCG Diet.

    3 Reasons To Keep An HCG Diet Journal?

    A journal allows you to...

    1. Keep track of your weight - You should be weighing yourself everyday while on the HCG Diet. This way you can know exactly how much you have lost. Plus if you Plateau, you can look at other parts of the journal to see what may have caused the stall in your weight loss.
    2. Write down what you eat - This way you can keep yourself from eating the same things too often. It's important to eat different vegetables and protein at every meal. And like I mentioned above, if you Plateau, you can look back at your meals to see if that could have played a part in your sudden stall.
    3. Learn more about yourself - Everyone's body works differently, so if you do another round of HCG Injections, a journal will help you to better understand your body and how it works. This will help to increase your chances of success the next time around.

    As you can see, a journal can play a big part in how much weight you lose and how smoothly the diet goes for you.

    Things To Keep Track Of In Your Journal

    Everyday you should write down your...

    • Target Weight - Before anything else, write on the front page of your journal, what your target weight goal is. This will help to keep focused on what it is you want to achieve with the diet.
    • Daily Weight - After you weigh yourself, write down your exact weight.
    • What you eat - Anything and everything that you eat should be written down, along with your portions. Be honest, nobody else will see your journal.
    • What you drink - You should write down what you drink and how much.
    • HCG Levels - Write down the amount of your dose everyday. This can be helpful in determining if you need to increase the amount of your HCG.
    • Measurements - You want to write down your measurements. This one can be done weekly or more often if you'd like. Just be sure to write down your measurements before you start the HCG Diet.
    • Plateaus - Make sure that you track any Plateaus that you experience.
    • How you're feeling - Write down how you are feeling. If you have a headache, constipation or if you feel like your on top of the world, be sure to write it down.
    • Side effects - If you are one of those few people that experience minor side effects from the HCG Diet, be sure to track them.
    • Notes/Anything - Be sure to take notes and write down anything else that you think might be important to remember later on in the diet.

    And remember, It doesn't really matter what you decide to use for an HCG Diet Journal, just make sure that you keep one.

    Have you been tracking your progress on the HCG Diet?

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