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HCG Diet Phase 3

If you haven't yet read Phase 3 of the HCG Protocol - you should definitely keep reading this article.

Phase 3 of the HCG Diet, which is also called the Maintenance Phase, is said to be just as important as Phase 2. You need to take this part very seriously if want to keep the weight off.

Below, is Phase 3 of the HCG Diet as written in Kevin Trudea's weight loss Protocol. Make sure that you read this very carefully, then, read it again - just to make sure you have it down.

Phase 3 - Maintenance

This is an important phase of the treatment. This is also part of the original Simeons protocol. Successfully following the instructions in this phase should result in a resetting of the body weight set point and hypothalamus.

This is the phase that resets metabolism to a high normal state, eliminates future intense and constant hunger, and prevents the abnormal future storing of fat in the secure problem area fat reserves in the body.

This phase is relatively simple. For twenty-one days immediately following the last day of the Phase 2 restricted diet you are allowed to eat as much food and any type of food you choose. The exceptions are as follows:
  • No sugar, dextrose, sucrose, honey, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, or any sweetener. 
  • No starch, including breads, pastas, any wheat product, white rice, potatoes, yams, etc.
  • No artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, sucrolos, NutraSweet, Splenda, saccharin, etc.
  • No food from fast food restaurants.
  • No trans fats, including hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.
  • No nitrites.
  • Limit non-prescription and prescription drug use.
  • Limit ice cold drinks.
  • Limit exposure to air conditioning.
  • Limit exposure to florescent lights.

Additionally, doing as many of the following activities is highly suggested and recommended:
  • Drink one-half to one gallon of pure spring water daily, ideally with coral calcium sachets. 
  • Walk for one hour per day. 
  • Eat a minimum of two organic apples per day. 
  • Eat a minimum of one organic grapefruit per day.
  • Take a teaspoon of raw organic coconut oil twice per day.
  • Take one to three teaspoons of raw organic apple cider vinegar per day.
  • Continue to drink Eleotin tea three times per day, as the directions suggest.
  • Take ThreeLac as directed.
  • Drink organic green tea, organic Yerba Mata tea, organic Wu Long tea, and organic chamomile tea daily in any quantities you desire.
  • Use stevia as the sweetener of choice.
  • Sleep seven to eight hours per night, ideally going to bed at approximately 10:00 p.m. and arising at 6:00 a.m.
  • Eat a large breakfast.
  • Eat something six times per day.
  • Finish your dinner three and one-half hours before bedtime.
  • On occasion eat 100 grams of organic chicken, turkey, veal, beef, or fish before bedtime.
  • On occasion take Acetyl L-Carnitine.
  • Take digestive enzymes with food.
  • Take probiotics daily.
  • Take a whole food supplement daily.
  • Take Vitamin E daily.
  • Take krill oil daily.
  • Use a rebounder five to ten minutes twice per day.
  • Sweat twenty minutes per day in an infrared or conventional sauna.
  • Get twenty minutes of sun daily. 
  • Get additional colonies as recommended by a licensed colon therapist. 
  • Do yoga as often as you can.
  • Do not use the microwave.
  • Continue wearing a Q-Link or E-Pendant and use Biopro on your cellular phone.
  • Add hot peppers to food.
  • Add cinnamon to food.
  • Always eat a big salad with lunch and dinner.
  • Avoid lotions, creams, and body care products with propylene glycol or sodium laurel sulfate.
  • Avoid monosodium glutamate.
  • Avoid farm-raised fish.
  • Add fiber from flax seed, oat bran, and acacia daily into your diet.
  • Continue to listen to stress reducing CDs daily.
  • Do resistance exercise such as weight lifting.
  • Take AlphaCalm daily.
  • Buy and use a shower filter.

You must absolutely weigh yourself every morning after first emptying your bladder. You must do this daily without fail. As it takes about three weeks after completing Phase 2 before the weight stabilizes, it is important that daily weighing during this phase be adhered to.

As long as your weight stays within two pounds of the weight reached on the day of the last injection you are fine. The moment the scale goes beyond two pounds, even by only a few ounces, you must do the following steps:
  • The same day you notice the increase you must entirely skip all food until 6:00 p.m. During this time you should drink as much water, up to one gallon, as you can.

    You must drink a minimum of half a gallon of pure water. In addition to the water, drink as much of the various teas that are recommended. You may use stevia in the teas. In the evening eat the biggest steak you can from grass fed organic beef. The steak can be grilled or fried with oil and seasoned with pepper and herbs, but no salt. You may have either a large organic raw tomato or large organic raw apple.

It is of the utmost importance that these steps of skipping meals occur on the same day as the scale registered an increase of more than two pounds from the weight you achieved on the last day of injections. You must not postpone this protocol until the following day.

Weighing yourself daily is vitally important. Because the hypothalamus is now corrected from its abnormal condition, when you gain weight the body will not store the excess in the secure abnormal fat reserves.

This means that weight gain will now result in storing of fat evenly throughout the body in the normal or structural fat areas. This means that by looking in the minor, or by feeling how your clothes fit, will be misleading. You can actually gain ten to fifteen pounds and never notice it. This is why daily weighing is so important.

During the three weeks in Phase 3 monitor and be aware of your appetite. Many people out of habit put large amounts of food on their plate. During this time you will notice you get full very quickly. Take note of the feeling of fullness and loss of appetite and stop eating!

It is very important that you eat a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have three snacks, ideally consisting of an organic apple or an organic grapefruit, however, during each meal it is advised that you eat slowly, consciously be aware of chewing your food thoroughly, and stop eating when you are full.

Many fat people have the fear that if they don't continue to eat during mealtime they will be hungry later on and feel miserable. This three-week Phase 3 is important as it helps change behavioral habits that played a part in your weight problem.

Some basic guidelines that will help change past behavioral habits that lead to obesity include the following:
  • Sit at a table and be relaxed when eating a meal. 
  • Do not eat in front of the TV, in the car, or standing up.
  • Eat slowly and consciously chew food thoroughly.
  • Play relaxing music while eating, ideally baroque classical music or other types of music that are known to relax the • Put smaller amounts of food on your plate, and don't go for seconds.
  • Be conscious about whether you are really hungry or full. Stop eating when you are no longer hungry and are full and satisfied.

You should never gain more than two pounds during this phase without immediately correcting this situation by doing the skipping meals and steak protocol. Surprisingly, Simeons discovered that it is equally undesirable for you to lose more than two pounds after the last injection. This is because any loss of weight after the last injection is usually a loss of muscle, or structural fat.

Simeons noted that some patients become overly enthusiastic after the success they achieved during Phase 2. These patients do not believe they can eat normal amounts of food six times per day without regaining weight. They disregard the advice to eat anything they please (with the short list of exceptions) and want to play it safe.

They try, more or less, to continue the low calorie diet from Phase 2 with minor variations. To their honor they find that their weight actually goes up. They then follow the instructions of skipping breakfast and lunch, but are afraid to eat the steak for fear of gaining more weight and instead have something such as a small salad.

They become hungry and weak. The next morning they find they've increased yet another pound! They feel terrible and even the dreaded swelling of their ankles comes back. Dr. Simeons explained these phenomena in these terms. 

During Phase 2 the patient is just above the verge of protein deficiency, but because of the hCG injections protein is being fed back into a system from the breakdown and release of the secure problem area fatty tissue. Once the treatment is over, there is no more hCG in the body and this process no longer takes place.

Unless an adequate amount of protein is eaten as soon as Phase 2 is over, protein deficiency is bound to develop. This inevitably caused a marked retention of water, increased weight, which many times results in swelling of the ankles, huge hunger, tiredness, and irritability.

It is advised that you follow these instructions exactly as described. Never do this or any weight loss program without being supervised by a licensed health care practitioner. You are encouraged to read Dr. Simeons entire manuscript Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity. It is suggested that you invest some time for viewing the various scientific documents, abstracts, double-blind studies, and patient testimonials that are available from the sources listed at the end of this book.

Remember, I have personally done this protocol myself. I have talked to the medical doctors who are treating patients with this protocol. I have reviewed patient files and records. I have talked to numerous patients who have utilized Simeons' method. The results are 100% verifiable and true. The safety is without question. The long-term success is unrivaled.

I have also talked to skeptics and nay-sayers who claim that the Simeons method is dangerous and does not work. None of these people have any hard legitimate evidence to backup their claim. Recently I called the Food and Drug Administration and talked to a senior officer about the use of hCG in the treatment of obesity.

I was provided information from the FDA and the National Institutes of Health. The government literature states, "Although hCG has been prescribed to help some patients lose weight it should NEVER be used this way. When used improperly hCG can cause serious problems."

Remember, this is "the weight loss cure" THEY don't want you to know about. Remember, I discussed earlier how the FDA and other government agencies have an unholy alliance with the food industry and drug industry to keep the truth about this real weight loss cure from the public.

I inquired with dozens of government agency officials as to WHY they claim hCG should never be used to help patients lose weight. They could never give me a legitimate answer! I asked, what are the "serious problems" that hCG has been known and proven to cause?

No one in any government agency could supply ANY documentation or substantiation proving that using small doses of hCG and the Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" has EVER caused any serious problems in any patient even though the government makes this erroneous claim in their own literature. The drug companies, the food companies, the government, and the media do not want you to know the truth about this obesity cure breakthrough.

When you successfully complete the twenty-one days of Phase 3, you are ready to begin your new life as a normal, thin, energetic, happy, healthy person who is no longer a slave to hunger, food cravings, and food. Your hypothalamus will be reset and corrected from its abnormal operating state. Your metabolism will be high.

Your hunger and food cravings will be low. You will no longer abnormally store fat in the abnormal secure fat reserves. You will have been cured of the main causes of obesity. Now let's make sure that you keep this corrected condition permanently and don't screw up your hypothalamus again!

After I read this, I understood why this is such a crucial part of the HCG Diet. Like I have mentioned before - I've known a lot of different people that have done the diet, and the ones who didn't do all of Phase 3 - Stabilization, gained some of their weight back. Where as the ones who stuck with it, have for the most part, kept the weight off.

I think that people just get lazy and think that the diet is over after the injections stop - IT'S NOT!

What do you think about this Phase of the HCG Diet?

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