Did You Buy Fake HCG?

  • Brian Connole
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  • How Do You Know If Your HCG Is Real?

    Within the past couple of years the HCG Weight Loss Program has made a huge comeback. In fact, HCG is more popular now than it's ever been.

    Many people see this as an easy way to make money. If you were to simply Google the term Buy HCG Online, you would see about 1.5 million results.

    That's because these days you have so many different HCG products and brands to choose from. However, this makes it very difficult to know which one is right for you.

    What makes it even harder, is the fact that there are a lot of people selling fake HCG online.

    Unfortunately, this has become a huge problem. More and more people are claiming that the HCG they ordered online, is fake. But how could they possibly know? Just because someone says it's fake - doesn't mean it really is, right? 

    I've actually heard people say that they don't think their HCG is real, when in fact, they ordered it from the same place and even bought the same brand that I purchased in the past - I know this because I was the one who told them where to order it from.

    However, we still did a test on the HCG to make sure that it was real. Needless to say it was. This person, who shall remain anonymous, really just needed to increase their dose. After they increased the amount of their HCG Injection from 125 iu to 150 iu it worked fine - Actually, they went on to lose quite a bit of weight with the HCG they thought was fake.

    By now, most of you are probably wondering - How do you test HCG to make sure it's real? Well, it's a lot easier than you might think. You may have even heard about this method somewhere before.

    How To Know If Your HCG Is Real

    1. Buy a home pregnancy test.
    2. Get your liquid HCG and a syringe.
    3. Fill the syringe with about 0.5 cc of your HCG - Or if you are using sublingual HCG drops, fill the dropper with a good amount of HCG.
    4. Then you basically will just drizzle the HCG on the pregnancy test - Do this in the same place that you would normally urinate on.
    5. If the pregnancy test comes back positive for being pregnant - you will then know that your HCG is real. On the other hand, if it comes back as negative, the HCG you have purchased is most likely fake. But do the test one more time just to be certain.

    The good thing about this method is, even if the HCG you have is of low quality, the pregnancy test should still show up positive. This is because most of the pregnancy tests these days are designed to detect pregnancy very early on. Therefore, even the smallest trace of HCG should bring back a positive result on the test.

    However, if you do find out that your HCG is in fact fake, I would contact the person or website that you bought it from and try to get a full refund. Then, be sure to tell others about your experience. This way, you can possibly prevent other people from having this happen to them.

    If you need a place to buy real HCG - Here is a link to the place I order from.

    FYI - Homeopathic HCG contains only microscopic amounts of HCG, if any at all. So unfortunately this will not work the same as Pharmaceutical HCG. Personally, I recommend using the real thing. I mean, if your going to do it you might as well do it right. Wouldn't you agree? 

    Besides, Homeopathic costs about the same as Pharmaceutical HCG. Plus, you can mix your HCG to use as liquid drops.

    Just follow the link above or go here to our HCG Diet Store to get the real stuff. 

    What would you do if you found out that you purchased fake HCG? - Tell me in a comment below. 

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