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    I just wanted to remind everyone about joining our new HCG Diet 411 Forum. We just launched last week, and since then we have had a few new members join, but we still need more. Did I mention it's 100% FREE!

    Forums are a great place to ask questions and have conversations with other people that are on the HCG Diet. Also, Suzy and myself are almost always available to answer questions there. So don't be shy - go and join for free right now.

    My goal is to make our blog and forum one of the best communities for HCG Diet users. I would love for all of my visitors to be a part of it. If you have any questions - you can leave it in a comment or ask it in the new HCG Diet 411 Forum.

    Thanks everyone,

    Brian M. Connole | The HCG Diet 411 Blog and Forum

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