Should You Be Skipping 1 HCG Injection Every Week?

  • Brian Connole
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  • Have you been skipping 1 HCG Injection every week? Should you be?

    Injections on the HCG DietDepending on how long you've decided to do the HCG Weight Loss Diet for, you may want to be skipping 1 injection every week.

    Now I am sure that a lot of HCG Dieters have heard about this already.

    However, I think most of them are confused about whether or not they should be doing it. That's why I wrote this article, because this is one of those things that people simply need to know about.

    How to know if you should be skipping 1 HCG Injection HCG per week:

    Skipping 1 injection per week is recommended for those people who are going to be on the HCG Diet for 43 days - Which would be 40 injections.

    You should also know that the skipped day should always be on the same day of every week.

    For instance: If you skip Monday's HCG Injection on week 1, you should continue skipping your injection every Monday throughout the rest of the diet.

    Those of you who are only doing 23 injections don't need to worry about skipping any HCG Shots. That is unless you were to start your menstrual cycle during that time - But that's a different story altogether.

    Did you already know about who should and who shouldn't skip an HCG injection? Tell me in a comment below...

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