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  • Brian Connole
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    If you haven't yet noticed, the HCG Diet 411 Blog has a couple more new features. As you may already know - I love it when my readers leave comments. I like answering your questions and getting feedback from all of you.

    So, to reward you for the time that you take out of your busy day to read our blog and leave a comment, I have added the "Recent Comments" section to this blog. This will feature the names, URLs and the comments of the last 5 comments left on this blog. This way other people will be able to visit your site or just see what you had to say.

    And the people who comment the most, will have their name and URL appear in the "Top Commenters" section. We hope this will encourage you to voice your opinion and thoughts about all of the different things that we talk about here on the HCG Diet 411 Blog.

    I also wanted to remind those of you that haven't yet joined our forum, to do that while you are here. Remember, it's totally free to join. Plus, it's a good place to get information, recipes and tips from other HCG Diet users.

    Do any of you own a blog?

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