Why You Need An HCG Diet Buddy

  • Brian Connole
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  • Have you ever heard the saying "2 heads are better than 1"? Well, the same thing is true for the HCG Diet.

    You are more likely to experience success on the HCG Diet, if you have someone to do the diet with; especially if that person lives in the same home as you. Think about it - if you and your spouse were doing the diet together, you wouldn't have to sit and watch them eat all of the different foods that you aren't allowed to have on the 500 Calorie Diet.

    Plus, if you and your spouse were both doing the HCG Diet, you wouldn't need to worry about cooking 2 separate meals - Unless of coarse you have children; if you do, you should probably keep feeding them.

    But even if your HCG Diet Buddy doesn't live in the same household, it is still very beneficial to talk to another person that is going through the same things. Whether it's a friend, family member, or just someone that you met online - having another person to communicate with about the diet is something that will help you both in the long run.

    5 Benefits Of An HCG Diet Buddy

    Someone to share your frustrations with) - If you are frustrated about a certain aspect of the diet, talking to someone will likely help you to feel better. But even more so if that person knows what you are talking about.

    To keep you from cheating) - Knowing that you will have to tell your diet buddy that you cheated, will sometimes be enough to keep you from eating the things that you shouldn't.

    Motivation) - If one of you is not doing so well, the other person can help motivate them to do better.

    To share tips) - You and your diet buddy can give each other tips about what is working well for them.

    To keep you on track) - Knowing that you are losing weight is awesome, but having another person tell you that you look good is even better. So hearing things like that will keep you working toward your target weight.

    Having an HCG Diet Buddy, is something that I recommend for anyone who plans on using the HCG Weight Loss Program. However, if you don't know anyone else that is doing the diet, don't worry - You can find plenty of people to talk to here in the HCG Diet 411 Forum. And the good part about that is, you can talk to one specific person, or get help from all of us.

    So whether you are using the HCG Drops or doing the Hormone Injections, this is something that you should consider doing.

    How do you feel about using an HCG Diet Buddy?

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