Bruising From HCG Injections

  • Brian Connole
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  • Bruises from HCG Injections: Are they normal? And what can you do about them?

    It's not uncommon for people who receive HCG Injections, or any other type of injection for that matter, to get a bruise at the injection site. Sometimes the bruise is small, other times it can be pretty large.

    Either way they are unpleasant to have. And as you may have noticed, they aren't very attractive to look at either. But unfortunately it is something that we have to deal with - Or do we?

    Well before I answer that, let me put your mind at ease by telling you... For the most part, it is normal to experience a little bit of bruising after an HCG Injection.

    However, you may want to contact your physician if...
    • Your bruise is quite a bit larger than a 50 cent piece.
    • The bruised area is extremely painful.
    • You experience bleeding from the injection site that lasts longer than 15 minutes.

    So, is there anything we can do about these annoying things? Yes - Well, sort of. While there's really nothing you can do to completely avoid bruising after an HCG injection - There is something you can do to help them to heal faster.

    How To Make Your Injection Bruises Less Severe

    1. Don't Use The Same Needle Twice - The more times that you use a needle, the more dull it becomes. So if you are using the same needle for multiple injections, STOP! It will make your bruises less severe.
    2. Rotate Injection Sites - Make sure that you rotate your HCG Injection sites. For Example: One day you would inject yourself on the right leg, then the next day you would do your left leg. This is a good idea to use no matter where your do the shots.
    3. Make Sure The Needle Goes In Straight - Make sure the needle doesn't go in on an angle. If you can't do this, you might want to have someone give you the injection.
    4. Use An Ice Pack - Apply an ice-pack to the injection site immediately after your HCG Shot. This will help reduce tissue trauma and bruising. You should remove the ice-pack after 15 minutes.
    5. Push The Needle In Slow - A quick injection may be less painful at the time, but you will likely have more bruising. Push the needle in slower if you want to have less of a bruise.

    Remember, bruising is bound to happen when you use the HCG Hormone Injections. But you just have to ask yourself - Is 1 month of bruising worth having a smaller body for the rest of your life?

    Do you experience a lot of bruising from the HCG Injections?

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