How To Stop Cravings Before The Start

  • Brian Connole
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  • If you experience cravings on the HCG Diet, there is something you can do about it.

    In the past, I have told you about various different ways to stop food cravings on the HCG 500 Calorie Diet. But there is one or two other ways of doing this that also works really well.

    That's because using this method allows you to stop the cravings before they ever start. And I happen to know from personal experience that this method works better than any other.

    However, for this to work properly, it does take a little bit of effort on your part. So what is this awesome trick for stopping your food cravings? - Listen up, cause I'm about to tell you...

    How To Stop Cravings Before The Start

    One thing that has helped me and countless others from cheating on the HCG Weight Loss Diet is... 

    Staying busy - 

    I know, it seems too simple right... But it works, think about it - How many times have you been busy with the kids, or with a hobby, and you just simply forgotten to eat? This happens to me all of the time. My kids and I will get busy messing around, or playing a game, then boom - Suzy comes walking in the door from work and says...

    "What did you guys eat for dinner" Of course I don't want to tell her that we were too busy playing to eat, so I tell her... "I was just about to make us something before you walked in" But that's exactly the case, we were so busy having fun that we didn't notice if we were hungry or not.

    This is what you need to do if you seem to have a lot of food cravings on the HCG Diet Program. But no matter how you choose to keep yourself busy, it should be something that you like to do. Otherwise, it probably won't keep your mind off of food for very long.

    Some Great Ways To Stay Busy

    Scrap-Booking - This is one hobby that has become very popular. So if you'd like, you can occupy a lot of your time by putting together scrapbooks.

    House-Work - My mother-in-law loves washing dishes and doing the laundry; so this is one thing that kept her busy everyday that she was on the HCG Diet.

    The HCG Diet 411 Forum - Try spending some time online chatting with all of us in the 411 Forum. I sometimes spend a couple of hours just reading comments and chatting with other members. Plus, I have a great time doing it.

    Painting or Drawing - If you have an artistic side, this is a good time to let it consume some of your time.

    Sew or Crochet - This is a good time of year to start sewing scarfs and hats for the children or grandchildren. And who doesn't love getting a nice homemade sweater for a gift. (Could you tell that I was typing sarcastically about the sweater thing) But seriously, I'll take a nice warm blanket if you want to sew me one.

    And the list goes on and on. There is really no shortage of things you can do to keep yourself busy on the HCG Diet. But the main goal here is, to just keep yourself busy in between meals. This will help you stop your cravings before they even start.

    What do you like to do to keep busy? - Tell me in a comment...

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