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Cheating On The HCG Diet - Is It Really A Big Deal?

Is cheating on the HCG Diet really such a bad thing?

Cheating on a testMost people who use the HCG Weight Loss Diet end up cheating at some point or another. Even when things are going great people will still cheat.

I see this type of thing all the time; this is how it usually goes...

A person will do hours of research about the HCG Diet Program before they make the decision to do it.

After that, they go and spend all of this money to purchase their HCG. Some do Phase 1, others don't, but either way they follow the protocol as close as they possibly can.

Then, as they start losing a bunch of weight something happens, and suddenly they cheat.

This is how you feel after you cheat on the HCG Diet:

  1. You feel an overwhelming sense of guilt. 
  2. You're ashamed of what you've done. 
  3. You think that the entire diet is ruined. 
  4. You think you are going to pack on a bunch of weight. 
  5. You start wondering if you should just quit the diet and start all over.
But should you feel this way? - Is cheating on the HCG Diet really that big of a deal? 

Feeling this way is totally normal. And it's good that you do feel this way, because this shows that you actually care about what happens next. If you didn't care, it's likely that you would continue to do it again and again; which some people do.

However, you shouldn't punish yourself for too long. You need to acknowledge how you feel and that it was a simple slip-up, then you need to get over it.

When you sit around wondering if you are going to gain a couple of pounds, it's going to do more harm than good. Realistically, you're probably not going to gain weight from cheating 1 time. There is more of a chance that you will plateau.

The weird thing about this is, that people tend cheat even when things are going well on the diet. You'd think that losing weight would be enough to make a person not want to stray away from the protocol, but it's not. Well, not for everyone.

Some people are highly motivated by every pound they lose and wouldn't dream of cheating. But for most of us it's not that simple. Especially if you have always had a problem with food. If that's the case, it will be much harder to restrain yourself. 

Why Do People Cheat On The HCG Diet?

  • Routine Cheating - Sometimes we are so used to being a certain way that it's hard to break the routine. In these instances it's almost involuntary.
  • Comfort Cheating - If you are going through a breakup, death in the family, or even just a fight with your spouse, you might end up eating the wrong foods to comfort yourself.
  • Sick Of The Food Cheating - Some people get so sick of eating the same type of food over and over, so they end up cheating because they miss eating "regular" food.
  • Right Place At The Wrong Time Cheating - I think that this is the most common one of all. We go to a birthday party or a wedding, and it's not our intention to cheat; until they cut the cake that is. It's usually all down-hill from there.

What Can We Do To Avoid Cheating?

  • How To Avoid Routine Cheating - If you are a cheating out of routine, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get rid of all the foods that you are not allowed to have on the 500 Calorie Diet. This way if do eat something out of habit, it's not going to be near as bad.
  • How To Avoid Comfort Cheating - The only thing you can do with this one is to be mindful of what you are doing. If you can keep a positive outlook on things this might be enough to keep you on the diet during those emotional times.
  • How To Avoid Cheating Because You're Sick Of The Food - If you have some delicious recipes to cook up you are going to be less likely to get sick of the food. (If this sounds like you, click here to get 12 of my favorite HCG Recipes sent to your email)
  • How To Avoid Right Place At The Wrong Time Cheating - You can avoid this by simply being prepared. Instead of just telling yourself that you are not going to cheat, have a plan just in case you're having a tough time controlling your urges. Maybe you could save your fruit from one of your meals that day and take it with you. Then if temptation rears it's ugly head, you can break out your snack that you brought for your back up plan. Or as I like to call it, a Snack-Up-Plan. (I know, it's clever isn't it)

Remember, if you can have a positive outlook on things and keep yourself in the right frame of mind, you are going to be less likely to cheat.

And for the record - Yes, cheating is a big deal. But if you do it, try not to let it ruin the rest of the diet for you... Good luck my friends. 

Why do you think people cheat on the HCG Diet? 

As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please be sure to tell me your thoughts in a comment below.

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