How To Mix Sublingual HCG Drops

  • Brian Connole
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  • Learn how to mix Sublingual HCG Drops here...

    With the popularity of the HCG Diet at an all time high, more and more people are wanting to try the Sublingual Drops. But to use the Sublingual method, you must first know how to mix them.

    So today I wanted to give you the proper instructions for mixing your own HCG Sublingual Drops.

    How To Mix Sublingual HCG Drops

    This is what you will need to mix your Sublingual HCG Diet Drops...

    - Liquid Vitamin B12
    - Colloidal Silver
    - Amber Glass Bottle
    - 1 ml Syringe For Taking The HCG
    - 10 ml Syringe For Mixing The HCG

    1 - Keep everything as sanitary and clean as possible. Sanitize your counter-top and all containers you will be using.

    2 – Place all items: HCG, B12, Colloidal Silver, Amber Bottle, 10 ml syringe, on the counter. Remove the cap from the HCG and remove the cap from all containers. Just be sure to not get them mixed up.

    3 - Using the 10cc/ml syringe, draw 2cc Colloidal silver and inject it into the HCG. Swirl and Swish to mix it. Make sure that there is no white powder showing.

    4 – Draw the dissolved HCG out of the Ampule and inject it into the Amber Bottle. Be sure to get every little bit.

    5 – Draw 8cc of the B12 liquid and inject this into the same Amber Bottle that you just injected the HCG into.

    This should give you 10cc of the Sublingual HCG mixture. Store it in the refrigerator and it will be potent for 30 or more days. To use the solution, draw up the following amount for each dose.

    Remember, you will be taking your dose twice daily.

    Dosage Instructions: 

    Twice a day, hold HCG Drops underneath your tongue for no less than 15 minutes, longer if possible; then swallow it. DO NOT eat anything for at least 30 minutes after swallowing the drops.

    0.15 cc = 75 IU per dose, x2 = 150 IU daily (66 doses - 33 days)
    0.2 cc = 100 IU per dose, x2 = 200 IU daily (50 doses - 25 days)
    0.25 cc = 125 IU per dose, x2 = 250 IU daily (40 doses - 20 days)
    0.3 cc = 150 IU per dose, x2 = 300 IU daily (33 doses - 16 days)

    Most people do the best at the higher end of the chart... Which would be 250 – 300 IUs total daily amount of HCG Sublingual Drops.

    Remember, it's always best to use real HCG Sublingual Drops. And the best way to know that the drops are real is to mix them yourself. Good luck my friends!

    Which way would you prefer to do the HCG Weight Loss Diet, Sublingual Drops or Injections? - You can tell me in a comment below...

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