How To Survive Thanksgiving On The HCG Diet

  • Brian Connole
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  • Need A Plan For Getting Through Thanksgiving On The HCG Diet?

    If you are using the HCG Diet this Thanksgiving holiday, you've probably noticed how hard it is to be around all of that delicious food.

    Luckily, Suzy and I are not on the HCG Diet this year. However, we have been in that predicament before; it was brutal. Having all of that food right under our noses and not be able to touch it, that is difficult. So if this is your situation this year, I can totally sympathize with you.

    But still, this is not an excuse to cheat. If you can be strong and not give in to temptation, you will be much happier with yourself. This will also make you stronger and more driven to know that you didn't cheat. Knowing that you have such a strong willpower can do more than you might think. And here are a couple of tips to help you do it...

    How To Survive Thanksgiving On The 500 Diet

    If you are about to begin the diet, Thanksgiving is a great time to start. I mean what better day to gorge than a holiday that is celebrated with a bunch of eating.

    But, if you are already on the 500 Calorie Diet, you might want to try cooking your own HCG approved Thanksgiving dinner. This way you won't feel like you are missing out too much. (Get 12 of my favorite HCG recipes here) I know it doesn't take the place of Turkey, stuffing and pie, but it will help if you eat something that you aren't used to having everyday.

    However, if you just can't bear the thought of not eating Turkey on Thanksgiving, you might get away with eating 100 Grams of Turkey Breast with some asparagus- Just this once. But for the sake of your diet, stay away from the potatoes and gravy as well as the desserts.

    How To Survive Thanksgiving On Phase 3

    Thanksgiving on Phase 3, is obviously not as hard as being on the 500 Calorie Diet, but you are still dieting none the less. So if this describes your current situation, you want to be mindful of the foods you eat. If you are doing the cooking, you should be careful of the sugars and starches.

    Now if you are going to be a guest at someone else's home, make sure that you only eat until you are full, but not stuffed. You want to eat smaller portions, and don't go back for seconds. One of the biggest mistakes that people make during the holidays is they over eat. That's why so many of us gain weight, we think that if the food is there we have to eat it, but we all know that's just not true.

    I'm sure you remember the anti drug slogan - Just Say No! Well for the holidays HCG Dieters should change it to... Just Say No To Seconds! This will help keep you within 2 pounds of what you weighed at the end of Phase 2.

    So remember - Just Say No To Seconds! And have a happy Thanksgiving my friends.

    (Try this Phase 3 Thanksgiving Dessert)

    What are you thankful for this year? - Tell me in a comment below...

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