The Key To HCG Diet Success

  • Brian Connole
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  • Use these little HCG Diet tips to get big weight loss results...

    There are a lot of different things out there that will contribute to your success with the HCG Diet. But there is just one thing that you must do before anything else...

    Be Prepared!

    From the time you decide to do the diet, all the way to Phase 4, being prepared is key to your weight loss success. But weight loss is not the only thing that you want to accomplish with this diet... Is it?

    The HCG Diet can help you to fix your bodies metabolism, and retrain the Hypothalamus. This is the part of the brain that regulates things like hunger, appetite and food intake. Which means, you will be able to lose the weight and keep it off too.

    But to get yourself to that point, you need to complete the diet successfully first. Here are a few things that will help you to get there just a little bit easier...

    10 Ways To Ensure Your HCG Diet Success

    1. Be Prepared By Choosing A Starting Date - Choose a day to begin the diet, then mark it on the calender. This will get you mentally prepared and ready to start your weight loss journey.

    2. Be Prepared By Ordering Your HCG - Having a start date in mind will hardly matter if you don't have any HCG to begin the process.

    3. Be Prepared By Doing Phase 1 - You can best get prepared for the HCG Diet by doing as much of Phase 1 as you possibly can. Doing a colon cleanse is probably the most important part of Phase 1.

    4. Be Prepared By Reading Dr. Simeons' Entire Protocol - The worst mistake you could make is not reading the entire protocol - Skimming is not reading people.

    5. Be Prepared By Gorging Enough - You will lose more weight consistently throughout the coarse of the diet if you properly gorge.

    6. Be Prepared By Planning Your Meals - If you have delicious meals to cook, you will be less-likely to eat something you are not supposed to.

    7. Be Prepared By Planning For The Unexpected - If you have a birthday party or get-together to attend, think ahead and bring an HCG Approved Meal for yourself.

    8. Be Prepared For Phase 3 - A lot of people go into Phase 3 not knowing what they should or should not eat. So be prepared and do your research.

    9. Be Prepared For Phase 4 - For most of us, the scariest part of the diet is the part when we have to be on our own. You go from a strict diet to having the freedom to eat whatever you'd like. So plan your meals wisely and use smaller portions.

    10. Be Prepared By Having A Plan - Know what to do if you go more than to pounds over your ending weight; don't just let it go thinking it will fix itself.

    But above all, the number 1 thing that you should prepare yourself for is, to be amazed. You will be blown away by your results if you can simply be more prepared for what lies ahead.

    What else do you do to be more prepared for the HCG Diet? - You can tell me in a comment below...

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