Leslie Kenton's Cura Romana HCG Diet Protocol

  • Brian Connole
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  • Have you heard of Leslie Kenton's Cura Romana HCG Diet Protocol?

    These days, there are probably 100 different ways to do the HCG Diet. It seems like every other day I hear about some new HCG Weight Loss Protocol. And now it looks like there is yet another HCG Program for people to choose from; it's called...

    Leslie Kenton's - Cura Romana HCG Diet Protocol

    Basically, what I have learned about this new protocol is, it's pretty much the same as Dr. Simeons Protocol, except it uses different names and Homeopathic HCG.

    Homeopathic Cura Romana is a 9 week course that is broken up into 2 parts. Your first 3 weeks, which is Part 1, is simply Homeopathic HCG mixed with Dr. Simeons 500 Calorie Diet Plan. During this time you take the Homeopathic HCG 3 times per day, and follow the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet).

    Like the original protocol, the first 2 days are your Load Days or Feasting Days as the Cura Romano Protocol calls it. Followed by 21 days of the 500 Calorie Diet.

    The next six weeks would normally be referred to as Phase 3 or Maintenance. But the Cura Romana likes to call it Consolidation. This too is just the same as in the original protocol.

    For the first 3 weeks you can eat whatever you'd like when you get hungry, except for sugars and starches. Then after those 3 weeks are up, you slowly start to add sugars and starches back into your diet.

    So like I said before, Leslie Kenton's Cura Romana is the same as Dr. Simeons HCG Protocol except for the fact that it is done with Homeopathic HCG rather than injections.

    But the one thing that I couldn't figure out is, why they gave it a brand new name. Leslie Kenton doesn't try to hide that Cura Romana uses Dr Simeons original HCG 500 Calorie Diet Protocol. In fact, she clearly states that on her videos, in her book and all throughout her website. I guess she just felt like dressing it up a bit.

    Nothing wrong with that - or is there?

    What do you think about Leslie Kentons Cura Romana HCG Diet Protocol? - Feel free to express your opinion in a comment below...

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