Should You Be Taking The Drops During Your Mestrual Cycle?

  • Brian Connole
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  • Find out if you should stop taking the drops during your menstrual cycle...

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    If you are on the HCG Hormone Injections, there is no question that you should stop using them during your menstrual cycle.

    However, there seems to be a lot of confusion about whether or not you should stop using the drops during that special time of the month.

    So how are you supposed to know?

    Well, if you are using the Sublingual Drops or the HCG Pellets that have real HCG in them, you should stop using them during the 2 days that your flow is the heaviest.

    What will happen if you don't stop for those 2 days?

    First of all, the HCG Hormone seems to affect every woman differently. There are some women who will continue to take the drops throughout their entire cycle and not have any issues at all. Then there are those other women who are completely miserable if they don't stop for those 2 heavy flow days.

    This is why I recommend that all women stop using the drops during their cycle, especially for the 2 days that you menstruate the heaviest.

    Now if you are using the Homeopathic Drops, Homeopathic Spray, or Homeopathic Pellets, it is up to you whether or not you stop at all during your menstruation cycle. This is because the Homeopathic versions of HCG have such a microscopic amount of real HCG Hormone in them, that it shouldn't have any affect on you or your period.

    So remember, if you are using real HCG Sublingually, you should stop using it for the 2 heaviest flow days of your cycle.

    Have you had to stop taking the drops because of your monthly cycle? - You can tell me in a comment...

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