This Weeks 411 Forum Topics

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  • Come see what you have missed this week by not being a member of the HCG Diet 411 Forum...

    Like I have said before, the 411 Forum is a great place to get help and support for all the different aspects of the HCG Diet. So if you are not a part of it, your journey with the diet will be that much harder.

    I like to give these forum updates to show our not-so-active members what's going on there, but also to let non-members know what they can look forward to by joining. As most of you already know, our forum is 100% FREE to join, so there is really no good reason not to.

    Plus, the more members we have, the better our discussions are. It's good to have different views on the topics that we discuss. So feel free to go and browse all of the recent conversations that we have had there. And in the mean time, here's what you are missing by not being a member...

    This Weeks 411 Forum Topics

    As always, there is a wide variety of topics being discussed in the 411 Forum. But to be a part of them you have to become a member. Until then you can only stand by and watch...

    So join the HCG Diet 411 Forum - And remember it's 100% FREE.

    What do you think of our little HCG Diet community? - You can tell me in a comment below...

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